The Show – Segments

  Ride PH Headlines

The most pressing news for motorcycle riders, motorists, commuters and everyone else on the road. Here, motorcycle accidents, government policies and regulations, motorcycle rider’s rights and concerns are highlighted and reported from a rider’s perspective.

  Motor Trends

A look into in the motorcycle world’s latest trends, products, bike models, and more.

  My Ride

If a MAN and his BIKE were to be married, this segment would be their pre-nuptial video. It features a rider’s love affair with his bike.

  Bike Tribes

Features on motorcycle groups and clubs in and around Metro Manila – their names, origins, collective experiences, advocacies, and, most importantly, their purpose.

  Bike Hacks / Toolbox

Safety tips for motor riders, with emphasis on motorcycle maintenance and protective gear. A first aid guide to riding safely.

  Rider’s E.R. (Education on the Road)

Learn to ride. And learn it properly and with professional supervision. Learn, re-learn, and refresh. Know more about road craft and defensive riding. Rider’s E.R . (Education on the Road) is your motorcycle’s riding school on television.

  Rider’s ToolBox

Toolbox teaches you what to do during unfortunate incidents, while Rider’s E.R. (Education on the Road) tells you what not to do so that road mishaps may be prevented.

  Motor Issues

Resource persons and riders are invited for round-table discussions on pressing issues that concern the motorcycle-riding public. Safety experts, government officials and even ordinary bikers are asked to share their views. Participants may tackle videos of kotong cops, motorcycle accidents, and viral clips on social media. Discussions are held at informal spaces, such as motorbike showrooms, bike cafés, motorist shops and bikers’ stopovers.

  Rider’s Profile

Jay spends a day with a companion rider, featuring interesting personalities in the Philippine motorcycle scene. These bikers are among the “who’s who” of motorcycling circles – inspiring men and women with motorcycle business stories to share. They can be desk-bound bosses on weekdays, and Harley Davidson road warriors during the weekends.

 Jay Riding

Taruc rides with a dual persona –as broadcast journalist and as a biker at the same time. He rides around on his bike, shooting interesting stories along the way. We see a docu-traveler with his bike, his helmet, and camera. Now that’s one hell of a riding story!


Whether it’s a diner for bikers, a strategically located biker stopover, or a popular weekend hangout for motorcycling clubs, it’s a legitimate “Bike-Stop” for the RidePh team.

  Bike Routes

Riding out of town or around the metropolis? Either way, there are bike routes that are safe and dangerous. Here’s a tour of the roads that bikers need to be familiar with.

  Rider Patrol

A rider education-oriented segment which takes cue from videos sent by viewers and netizens regarding motorcycle violations. Videos from the RidePh team beef up this segment. The RidePh team politely approaches violators and asks them why they did not comply with a certain law or rule. Interviewees are then handed fliers or leaflets enumerating frequently violated road rules for motorcycle riders. The print materials also state RidePh’s advocacy, the show’s partner associations and government agencies concerned with road safety. A key topic for this segment will be the persistent disregard for the Motorcycle Helmet Act.

  Motor Doctor (M.D.)

RidePh’s resident Motor Doctor issues his prescription on how to address motorcycle maintenance woes. He shares his diagnosis and recovery plan for problems sent by viewers through the program’s social media channels. Photos, videos and questions are entertained. Whether it’s an engine breakdown or a minor technical glitch, RidePh’s resident Motor Doctor is always in.


  Ride Years

  Gears and Parts

  Road Signs

Rider road rules education

Special Segments


Motorcycles, motor gears, helmets, accessories, jacket, boots, sports cameras, and more. Guest reviewers will put cool stuff to the test, sharing their insights with the motorcycle aficionado in mind. A “mystery reviewer” will be invited once in a while, so as not to put a face on subjective opinions on the reviewed brand’s function and purpose, among others.

  First Ride

From the moment a biker straddles on his or her motorbike for the first and fires up the engine, it’s a lot like first love. Sweet. Heartbreaking sometimes. But always unforgettable.

Special Segment Title (online only)

  Ride Now!

Your eye on the road and behind the scenes – as it happens, when it happens. Facebook Live’s capability to air live updates on social media is utilized. Updates broadcast RidePh’s story coverage, ocular inspections, actual tapings, and rides. Live point-of-view and cockpit shots from Taruc’s bike are shown as he’s driving to and from a shoot. Motorcycling netizens can stay updated, anytime, anywhere.

  Bike Porn

 A segment soo hot, it’s not meant for TV. It’s just posted online. Bike Porn is your centerfold feature of what’s new and what’s hot that warm-blooded riders drool over!